The Indian River Lagoon is an estuary situated along 157 miles of Florida’s east coast spanning from New Smyrna Beach south to Jupiter, Florida.  Within the Indian River Lagoon, there are three separate major bodies of water including the Mosquito Lagoon, the Banana River, and the Indian River.  Since the span of the Indian River Lagoon is so long, the area is home to a very diverse array of plants and animals.  In fact, the Indian River Lagoon has been designated by the National Estuary Program as one of the most diverse estuaries in the United States.  Over 4,300 species call the Indian River Lagoon “home”.

Florida’s east coast is becoming more and more popular, with several thousand people  moving to the area each month.  As a result, the Indian River Lagoon has seen some negative impacts due to increased development along its shoreline and westward in its watershed. 

Artist, Rick Kelly, is documenting the Lagoon’s precious habitats through oil on canvas landscape paintings of the Lagoon.  The paintings depict the variety of habitats from each different area of the Lagoon with spartina grass marshes in the north to the worm rock reef and mangrove habitat in the southern Lagoon. 

Rick’s original paintings are being reproduced for a book called Treasured Waters – Indian River Lagoon. Writer, Camille S. Yates, will narrate the book and provide factual information about the diversity of species and ecosystems in the Lagoon.   The book was released November 2007.  Several of the original oil paintings have been released as canvas transfer Giclees (click to learn more about Giclées).  Sales Leader and businesswoman, Laura Kelly, is heading up the retail and wholesale sales of the reproductions as well as the original oil paintings.  Call Laura if you would like more information about the R. Kelly originals ore the Giclee reproductions.

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Treasured Waters  is committed to produce  Giclées of the highest quality and craftsmanship available, using the highest grade of canvas and pigments , and are sprayed with a UV coating.  Each Giclée is signed and numbered by the artist (Rick Kelly) in a Limited number as to maintain integrity and value to each of these art editions.

Rick KellyRick Kelly is a well-known landscape artist who studied under A. E. Backus.  Also, known as R. Kelly, Rick transforms Florida’s landscapes into oil paintings on canvas that burst into life.  His clouds and reflections on water create realistic images that bring you into the painting.


My passion for painting comes from the awesome beauty of our surroundings.  The uplands and the wetlands as well as the wildlife in their peaceful environment struggling to survive. The light of the sun against a cloud filled sky and the wind and rains that sustain the land. The oceans, rivers and lakes holding precious resources of water. The light reflections, sunrise and sunset. All inspire the soul.  The talent to see and capture the beauty of nature on canvas is a gift from “God”; a gift neither learned nor earned. Although I was unable to paint for years due to an injury, my appreciation of the environment grew stronger and my work is stronger today as a result.  I agree with my mentor ( Mr. A.E. “Beanie” Backus) that art is to be shared and talents are to be given back to those in need.  I am glad to help our community with gifts for charities, teaching and sharing with all. I am currently involved with the Saint Lucie County Environmentally Sensitive Lands Program working towards the preservation of ecologically significant land.  I have served as the Artist Coordinator for the “Art for Nature” program. I am honored to have my work displayed in the homes and offices of people who share the love of the natural beauty of Florida.


Riviera Country Club – Coral Gables, Florida, Rod and Reel Country Club – Miami, Florida, Miami Herald Florida Landscape Show - Miami, Florida, Museum of Science Florida Artist Show - Coconut Grove, Florida, Indian River Community College/McAlphin Fine Arts Show- Ft. Pierce, Florida


Art for Nature, St. Andrews School, American Cancer Society, Hospice, Cause for PAWS, American Heart Assoc., Sunrise Theatre, Indian River Citrus League, Restoration House, Heathcote Botanical Gardens, St. Anastasia School, Royal Palms of St. Lucie County and Learn to Read.

Since she was a young girl, Camille S. Yates has immersed herself in nature.  Following her love of the outdoors, she received a Master of Science in Ecology from the Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida.  During her career as a biologist, she has published many manuscripts on birds and habitat management.  She helped write the Indian River Lagoon Comprehensive Conservation Management plan while employed by the St. Johns River Water Management District. 

Camille has gotten her feet wet in many Florida wetlands.  She worked in the Everglades for the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service at the Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.  While in the glades, she assisted with the legal battle to save the precious River of Grass.  She also spent many hours in the field fighting exotic plant invasion and documenting wildlife and plant species on the refuge. 

During her employment with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Camille became extremely involved with wading birds – heron, egrets, ibis, and more – studying there habitat and documents important rookeries in the Indian River Lagoon and other wetlands throughout the east coast of Florida including the Florida Keys.

The St. Johns River is another gorgeous Florida wetland where Camille has spent much of her time and studied the wading bird use of the various marshes throughout the Upper St. Johns River Basin She has also studied the animals and habitats in the Indian River Lagoon having worked for the Smithsonian Marine Station, the Environmental Protection Agency and the St. Lucie County and Volusia County Mosquito Control Districts.

Her passion for nature is felt through her words on paper.  She is currently writing the book, Treasured Waters – Indian River Lagoon, which was released November 2007.  She writes a column called Wild Side for the Indian River Magazine.

Laura KellyLaura Kelly has spent over 30 years in the retail business.  She has specialized in selling fine art, clothes and jewelry.  Laura has tremendous experience in determining exactly what the customer is searching for.  Call Laura to discuss any of the artwork seen on this Website,  The artwork is offered on both a wholesale and retail basis.







Giclée (jee-clay) prints are a merger of science and art that has created a new kind of print making that has revolutionized the limited edition art market. The French word “to spray” is utilized in naming this new art form. A Giclée print is a digitized art image that is printed on a high resolution inkjet printer. Images are acquired by digital scanning and the computerized image is generated by composition of pixels. In the Giclée process, a fine stream of ink (pigment) is sprayed onto the canvas. Exact calculation of the color value and density direct the nozzles. This process produces a higher resolution than lithographs and the color range is greater than serigraphy. The product becomes superior in quality and longevity.

Giclees evolved into the new darlings of the art world. Sometimes, it can be very difficult to tell the difference from the Giclee and the original painting since there is texture just like the original oil painting. They are coveted by collectors for their fidelity and quality, and desired by galleries and artists alike.

Treasurd Waters is committed to produce Giclées of the highest quality and craftsmanship available, using the highest grade of canvas and pigments , and are sprayed with a UV coating. Each Giclée is signed and numbered by the artist (Rick Kelly) in a Limited number as to maintain integrity and value to each of these art editions.